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Our Team

Take expertise, experience and enthusiasm, add some passion, mix with fun—what you get is any one of the friendly professionals who make up the Mountain Sports Outlet Team. From full suspension bikes to road bikes to footwear to outerwear, our experts are the best of the best at what they do. They have to be —operating a bike shop in Summit County, our staff has to be the most knowledgeable, experienced bunch of professionals out there.  And don't forget they are also our experts on all your winter ski and snowboard needs!

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Gino - General Manager Extraordinaire

The ever faithful leader in command.  Keep you eyes peeled for this guy.  Gino is the Dealmaker!


Bruce - THE MSO Legend

Bruce is an MSO legend for a reason. He's been around to see more changes in ski/snowboard technology than most people working for the companies themselves!

Kim Kim - Boardercross Diva

Want to know the truth behind boardercross.  Hit up Kim, she'll give you the backstory. And help you buy the best board for you.




Peter -  He's always on it!

This guy can't hold still.  Not for a second.  If he's not with a customer, he'll end up finding you.  This is the guy with all the right answers!


Thomas - How May I HELP you?

Steve Steve - Mr. Fixit
Adam Adam - Mr. Life is What You Make IT
Tom Tom - Mr. Purple & White
 Brian Benson Brian - Tune Shop Master, Glenwood Springs

Need the best tune around? Talk with Brian - he'll let you know exactly what you need, and for the right price.

 John John - Park Junkie, Glenwood Springs

Some people like the park, John loves it. Ask him about the perfect park skis and he'll hook you up.













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